About Us

Unleashing the Fanatical Fanatics: Meet Dave and Dom of Elite Ink

Before high school, two passions blazed: sports and souvenirs. Dave, a New Jersey Devils devotee, traded slap shots for McFarlane figures in his basement, while Dom, a Yankee pinstriped warrior, worshipped at the altar of Derek Jeter's swing. These weren't just games; they were epics fueled by childhood dreams and stadium echoes.

Fast forward 25 years. Dave, a seasoned memorabilia maven at Lelands Collectibles, even conjured a wrestling store magic trick in Old Bridge, NJ, complete with epic athlete signings. Dom, after conquering the Italian ice scene with three frosty empires, set his sights on Texas, but never let Yankee fever cool. Just ask him about Judge's 62nd homer in Arlington (still chills!).

Now, their destinies reunite in a grand slam called Elite Ink. Dave's curation wizardry meets Dom's marketing mastery, crafting bespoke experiences that ignite the soul of every fan and collector. Craving a signed bat from your childhood idol, sweat still clinging to the sweet spot? Elite Ink is your dream weaver.

Forget generic merch, this is fandom haute couture. We curate experiences as unique as your passion, as legendary as that game-winning catch. So, join the Elite Ink family, where sports dreams don't fade, they get framed, signed, and relived for generations to come.

This is more than a business; it's a shared obsession, a childhood oath kept, and a love letter to the magic of fandom. Come raise your rally cry with Dave and Dom. Let's make your fan story the next one for the history books.

Ready to join the Elite Ink adventure? Check out our Instagram (@eliteinksportsmarketing) and drop us a line – let's get your fan flag flying!

P.S. Don't ask Dave about the '94 Eastern Conference Finals… it's still a tender spot.